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Sex Trafficking in Idaho



If we break down the math, and average this number per state, the number is 145 cases per state in 2017 alone – which is a 13% increase from the prior year.  


Isn’t this more of an overseas issue, or a third world issue?

Sex trafficking occurs in every state. The map on this page is from the Polaris Project and shows the sex trafficking hotline activity across the US. 


That kind of thing doesn’t happen around here. Does it?

Specifically in the Treasure Valley and Boise area, yes. The Treasure Valley is actually considered a federal high-intensity drug trafficking corridor/area (1), and it is similarly a sex trafficking channel. 


Is sex trafficking even something we should be talking about in Idaho? 

We need to talk about it to bring this ugly issue to light. Depravity festers in darkness, and if we want to effect change or help in rescuing victims we need to start talking about how to help protect our youth in Idaho. It’s time to stand up and say that we won't tolerate this in our state.




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What is sex trafficking?

Sex trafficking occurs when an individual (male or female, adult or child) is forced to perform sex acts or services against their will, or is coerced into committing sex acts in exchange for money or drugs. It is referred to as modern-day slavery, and is prevalent worldwide. 


In the United States, in 2017 alone, there were 8,759 reported cases of human trafficking according to data from the national help line and the Polaris Project. Specifically related to sex trafficking, there were 7,255 cases. In the United States. And this is only what is reported, the majority of cases go unreported. 

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