The average age of trafficked children is 11 - 14 and includes both boys and girls. In many states, minors can actually be charged with prostitution, compounding their victimization. 

What We Do 

Currently serving the Treasure Valley and SW Idaho

The Blue Backpack Project provides immediate care necessities for rescued juvenile & adult victims of sex trafficking in Idaho. Our backpacks include basic personal care items for young girls & women.

We also review and test different apps that might be appealing to youth in order to provide informed feedback for parents and educators, as traffickers often use these apps to recruit and groom victims. 


Founded in October 2017, The Blue Backpack Project was born to help raise awareness in Idaho, and provide victim assistance & resources.  

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The Blue Backpack Project

Our mission is to raise awareness locally, and connect victims with resources.


Phone: 208-994-4450

Registered Charity: 501c3 nonprofit 

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